Late night surprises. #waytomyheart #baconcravings

Happy bachelorette! 👰 #ninedays @alyssaherandy

Missing my Sound.

All praises to the One who made it all and finds it beautiful.

Upon arriving back to the 90 degree weather in Ellensburg, this was pretty much mandatory.

Bridal shower game fun. :) @gemmaroisin @cristamw

Yummiest place in town. #happybirthdayrenee #happygraduationrachael #happyfathersdaydad #happylastdayofschoolmom #celebrategoodtimes

Favorite. (at Alki)

My wonderful pastor led Ellensburg UMC in worship for the last time this morning. I am beyond grateful for all of her work, love, and care, and know she will bring the same blessings to her new congregation. Love you, Reverend!✌️@shalom18

I graduated college today. Nothing but grateful. #fiveyearfinishline