Da groom. #holdenherandywedding

Happy couple! #holdenherandywedding

Couldn’t be happier for this gorgeous bride. Love you, Alyssa! @alyssaherandy #holdenherandywedding

First time to my home church in 6 months, and the closing hymn is my favorite. :) (at Tibbetts United Methodist Church)

First Storm game I’ve gotten to go to in two years, and get here to find out that my beloved former marching band is doing the halftime show. :)

Late night surprises. #waytomyheart #baconcravings

Happy bachelorette! 👰 #ninedays @alyssaherandy

Missing my Sound.

All praises to the One who made it all and finds it beautiful.

Upon arriving back to the 90 degree weather in Ellensburg, this was pretty much mandatory.